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User Agreement

1.General provisions

1.1. The Contractor shall provide the following services at the Customer’s option:

  • - free services for access to the Server;
  • - services for the purchase of additional bonuses in the licensed game GTA V RP;

the Customer undertakes to pay for the services rendered.

1.2. By using Contractor’s service, the Customer fully accept this User Agreement. Terms and conditions of this Agreement shall enter into force from the date when the Customer accepts the conditions in the manner prescribed in this paragraph.

1.3. The Contractor shall have the right to supplement and modify this offer at any time without prior and/or further notice to the Customer. In order to avoid misunderstandings, we recommend that you periodically re-read the offer. If after making changes and/or additions to the offer the Customer continues to use the Contractor’s services, the parties shall consider that the Customer agrees to all the changes and/or additions to the offer.

1.4. The current version of the offer is available at

1.5. Processing of the Customers’ personal data shall be made in accordance with the Personal Data Processing Policy posted at:

2. Terms and Definitions

2.1. Website shall mean an information resource on the Internet located at

2.2. Customer is an individual who accepts the terms and conditions of this offer in order to receive services.

2.3. Services for access to the Server shall mean the organization of the Contractor access to the game GTA V RP.

2.4. Additional bonus acquisition services shall mean the provision of services that include:

  • Replenishing the Customer’s personal account with game currency;
  • Providing the Customer's game character with a driver’s license;
  • Providing various privileges;
  • Providing the Customer's game character with various licenses;
  • Other services specified on the Website.

2.5. The Server shall mean the resource through which access to the GTA V RP game is provided.

2.6. Administration shall mean authorized representatives of the Contractor.

3. Rights and liabilities of the Parties

3.1. Contractor’s Responsibilities:

3.1.1. To render services to the Customer within the terms and conditions of the present offer agreed by the Parties.

3.1.2. Provide Customer access to the Server.

3.1.3. Ensure the functioning and operability of the game GTA V RP on the Server, restore promptly its performance in case of technical failures and interruptions. The Contractor cannot be held liable for temporary disruptions and interruptions caused by loss of information.

3.1.4. Provide answers to the Customer's questions related to the use of the Server.

3.2. Rights of the Contractor:

3.2.1. To terminate the services in accordance with the terms of the Agreement.

3.2.2. To limit the Customer’s access to the Server in case the Customer violates clause

3.3. Obligations of the Customer

3.3.1. Independently estimate necessity and possibility to pay for services on the acquisition of additional bonuses.

3.3.2. To ensure confidentiality of information provided by the Contractor in connection with the performance of the Agreement under this offer.

3.3.3. The Customer is prohibited from:

  • using various flaws and (or) errors of the Website and the Server that can create advantages over other customers;
  • performing actions with the virtual currency of the Server and the balance of the Website, which contradict the essence of the services rendered;
  • violating the game rules of the Server, which can cause harm to other customers.

3.4. Rights of the Customer:

3.4.1. The Customer shall have the right to assign a game name (nickname) to the game character. The Customer shall have no right to create a nickname that repeats the existing ones or resembles them in spelling.

3.4.2. The right of access to the Website, the Server, technical support through publicly available methods: forum, and social networks.

3.4.3. To cancel the payment for the services for the additional bonuses acquisition if the credited funds paid for the game currency acquisition are not credited to the Customer’s balance within 24 hours.

3.4.4. Consult on the use of the Website and the Server with the Administration.

3.4.5. To register additional game characters when paying for additional services as specified in Section 5 of the Agreement.

3.5. The Customer shall be responsible for the possible loss or corruption of data, as well as other consequences of any nature that may occur due to breach of the offer by the Customer.

4. Services Provision Procedure

4.1. Procedure for Providing Services for Access to the Server:

4.1.1. The services shall be accessed by pressing the “Register” button.

4.1.2. When pressing the “Register” button, the Customer undertakes to provide true and not outdated information by filling in the registration form (questionnaire). Before clicking the “Register” button on the Website, the following information is provided by the Customer: - surname, first name of the Customer (the surname and first name may not coincide with the actual surname and first name of the Customer); - E-mail address of the Customer.

4.1.3. The services shall be provided by the Contractor provided that a licensed version of the game GTA V RP as well as the program Rage: MP is installed on the Customer's equipment.

4.1.4. In case the game and (or) program provided by clause 1.3 of the Agreement are not installed on the Customer’s equipment.

4.2. Procedure for rendering services on the acquisition of additional bonuses:

4.2.1. The services shall be accessed by pressing the “Proceed to Payment” button.

4.2.2. When pressing the “Proceed to Payment” button, the Customer undertakes to provide true and not outdated information by completing the registration form (questionnaire). The following information is provided by the Customer before clicking the "Proceed to Payment" button on the Website:

  • server number;
  • game character’s nickname;
  • top-up amount.

4.2.3. After pressing the “Proceed to payment” button, the Customer is redirected to the payment web page.

4.2.4. The Customer is notified that by money transfer he receives game currency for the game character (for 1 ruble of the game currency the Customer receives 100 game currency units).

4.2.5. Bonus packages may be offered for purchase by the contractor. The terms and content of the bonuses are indicated on the Website.

4.3. All notifications sent by the Contractor to the Customer to the email address specified by the Customer shall be deemed proper.

4.4. Access to the services shall be provided by the Contractor immediately after the Customer performs the actions stipulated in clause 4.1 and 4.2 of the Agreement.

4.5. The Contractor shall provide technical support. The technical support shall be provided by providing answers to questions within 3 days at the forum:

4.6. The service does not refund funds if the money was fully or partially spent on the site in any of its sections.

5. Terms of payment for additional bonuses

5.1. The Customer shall pay for the services provided under clause 2.4, in 100% advance payment at the prices indicated on the Website. VAT is not provided for due to the Contractor’s application of the simplified taxation system.

5.2. The service price, as well as the special price indicated on the Website, can be changed unilaterally by the Contractor. In this case the price of the services previously paid by the Customer shall not be changed.

5.3. Non-cash payments shall be made using online acquiring service, which includes the payment methods available on the payment system’s website.

5.4. Please pay attention that bank card transactions shall be performed by the cardholder or his authorized person.

5.5. Authorization of bank card transactions is done by the bank. If the bank has reasons to believe that the transaction is fraudulent, the bank shall have the right to refuse to perform this transaction.

6. Liability of the parties

6.1. Liability for non-performance or improper performance of obligations under the agreement shoud be defined in accordance with the applicable legislation.

6.2. The Contractor shall not be liable for temporary malfunctions and interruptions in the operation of the Website, as well as any damage to hardware, software or information related to the use of the Website.

7. Term of Agreement. Agreement Termination

7.1. The Agreement shall come into force since the acceptance by the Customer in manner described above and shall be in force till the Parties discharge their liabilities in full.

7.2. The Contractor shall have the right to unilaterally withdraw from the Agreement if the Contractor becomes aware of the breach of the conditions of Clause

8. Force majeure

8.1. The Parties shall not be held liable for failure to perform their obligations hereunder in full or in part if such failure is a direct consequence of force majeure events occurring after the conclusion of this Agreement, as a result of extraordinary events, namely: fire, flood, hurricane and earthquake or restrictions imposed by state authorities on activities of either Party and other similar circumstances, if the Parties could not have foreseen such circumstances 10. Miscellaneous provisions

9. Miscellaneous provisions

9.1. Acceptance of the terms and conditions of this Agreement shall mean operations/ using with this site.

9.1.1.By registering on the Website, the Customer shall give the Contractor permission to process: collect, record, systematize, accumulate, store, clarify (update, modify), extract, use, transfer (including assigning the processing to other persons), anonymize, block, delete, destroy, the personal data listed in clause 9.1.3 hereof. The consent shall be valid from the date of communication of the data by the Customer until revoked by the Customer. Withdrawal involves sending a document requesting the Contractor to stop processing personal data. Consent to the processing of personal data is specified in clause 9.1.3 Hereof shall be provided by the Customer to the Contractor, including for the purpose of fulfilling the obligations that have arisen or may arise with the Contractor in the performance of this Agreement, including but not limited to:

  • for the Contractor and/or its authorized representatives to contact with the Customer.

9.1.2. Personal data provided by the Customer to the Contractor:

  • Name, surname of the Customer;
  • E-mail address of the Customer;

9.2. In the event that any provision or any part of a provision of the Agreement under this offer is deemed invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions and parts of the provisions of the Agreement shall remain in full force and effect.

9.3. In all other respects, the Parties have agreed to be guided by the applicable Directives of EU and local legislations of United Kingdom.

9.4. All notifications, legally relevant messages should be communicated to the Contractor at the e-mail address:

9.5. This Agreement, as well as issues not regulated by it, shall be governed by the applicable laws of United Kingdom.

ITSFAIL LTD: Company number 13246765, 16 John Nicholass Crescent, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, United Kingdom CH65 2DL, SIC Codes: 47910

Revision dated 31.05.2022