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FiveLive RP - the new level of online gaming! On our server, you can easily start a new in-game life that will bring you a lot of fun.

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Criminal Los Santos

Easy money, jail, blood, and carefree life - all this you can get by being a gangster in our state. You can choose one of many gangs where you will create and sell prohibited items, steel cars, and be involved in armed combats with government structures.

Richness and success

Everyone dreams about luxury life, beautiful yachts, fast sports cars, and even the best properties with exciting views and swimming pools, but did you expect that you could achieve all of these independently?

The best community

Are you already bored of playing alone? On our server, you can quickly join or even create your own family and go deep into the FiveLive world. You will have many events, like family wars, bank robberies, and money contracts. So, go ahead!

Our social networks

In addition to the diverse gaming world, we would like to invite you to a not less fantastic world of social networks, where you will participate in server improvement and learn something new about GTA!

About us

FiveLive is a big family of GTA 5 RP players who create the best server!

Participate in exciting events, start your own business, join gangs or protect the city from them! Plenty of entertainment and continuous improvement of content are guaranteed!