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31.10 Update / Our new server is running!


Now you can easily start your exciting in-game life on server “Europe.” Create a family, participate in cool events and just have fun!

Launched on: 29.10.22

About “Europe”

If you want to dive deeper into the FiveLive world - you should definitely join us. Thousands of cool events, quests, families and factions are waiting for you.


It’s your chance to try yourself at realistic government structures. For example, become a police officer and put criminals in jail, or even be a spy, who can get into dangerous gangs and work undercover. Also, you can switch sides and resist justice. It's only your decision, so think hard.


Every day our team creates extraordinary events and situations, like bank robberies, faction occupations, family wars and others. It's only one way to see it for yourself, so join our server and have fun.


Even for lovers of single games and quests, we have prepared some cool interactions. Make family contracts, take part in passes and promotions, and of course, don't forget about car stealing in gangs.
All this you can see on our server, so go ahead!