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30.09 Update / Next level Families


We wanted to give the players the freedom to mold their gameplay just as they wanted, whenever they wanted. The Sky's the limit we thought, and we made it bigger and better with a lot of capabilities. Groups get bigger and they want to stay together, now they can become a family altogether. As soon as you register your family the journey starts. When you open your Family Tablet you might get overwhelmed, but you can participate and expand and participate at the speed that you wish.

After you invite some people, even without an Office or Mansion you can head over to the following activities; Quests are a great way to get started. The progress is registered as a group effort, the goals are high but so are the monetary and experience wise. There are 2 sets of 3 contracts that you can cycle through and divide your attention to. First set is chosen by the leader which progresses globally and the second individually by your members. If you decide to leave the money on the family bank, the system will pay hourly wages to the member as you have configured them for every rank. The experience points will cumulate and at every level your family will get skill points which you can spend in the development branch.

The development branch offers you 3 pathways, earning bonus money in legal jobs, the ability to craft weapons and bonuses while you cultivate illegal drugs. All three which can gain your family a lot, and as said before the sky's the limit so as you progress you can decide to develop all three branches. Before you get there you will be using all the family capabilities to the maximum. To coordinate your family as it grows larger, you can purchase a Walkie-Talkie frequency with it's own password. Not only will this help with staying connected with each other, but this will give you a great advantage in family battles.

Families have multiple battle options, starting out you can participate in the daily Airdrop twice a day for a crate filled with items to assist in future battles. Alongside the daily drop there are daily Factory wars, a different one on each day. Every factory offers your family bonuses, it adds increased rate and extra 10k/h salary for all your members. As you progress and gear up you can start messing with the other families on a more personal level. Big families with Mansions might think they are untouchable, but if they mess with the wrong family they can initiate an attack on the Mansion in 2 different ways. Either the Material storage or the Family bank can be attacked which leaves them vulnerable to other families like yours.

Of course families don't have to only mess with each other, as we said the sky's the limit so you can decide to focus your rage on the state. No bank in Los Santos is safe! Get yourself a hacker, bank plan, drills and manpower and crack that safe, maybe Gangs can aid you in getting the materials for it. After you bag it all up the police will be waiting outside, it's up to your driver if you make it out or not. Even after that journey you cannot be relieved yet, the marked bills that you have gotten need to be laundered somehow. At the end of it your family will thrive forward as never seen before financially and development wise!