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30.05 Update / Worker System


In this update, we introduced the unique crafting system, which we will explain in more detail shortly.

Materials for crafting

Items for extracting materials can be purchased in 24/7 stores and from quest characters. An ax for chopping wood, a pick for ore mining (first ax and pickaxe, passage of the quest It will give NPCs for you, after breaking you will have to buy new ones.) Removing the wires for wire cutters, glue, which is a component of craftsmanship, etc. In addition, rubber, plastic, paint and valuable To obtain metals, oil must be extracted. All material items do wear and tear.

Obtaining drawings and crafting items

To craft any item, you need to buy a drawing from the NPC in a certain place. Some Drawings will be available in some special events, trash cans or NPC for various quests.

Below is a place where General drawings can be purchased.

To craft according to the drawing you want, you need to buy a workbench in the 24/7 shop, it key combination (with right click of your computer mouse and E key on your keyboard) you have to put it.


It is necessary to receive the first quest as a reward for interacting with the NPC and obtaining a wood mining ax. After completing the task, you can extract resources legally by paying a small amount, or by not paying any money. You can start illegally. What is the difference? You spend money on legitimate mining, but more resources you take off. In illegal mining, you have money left, but less resources are extracted. Also the cops They can find out who is legally working on the NPC. Lists of those worked in the forest are being drawn up. Illegal players can be penalized according to in-game laws.

After serving in the nearest area, marks appear near trees. Player approaches the marks and starts a woodworking by completing the mini-quest.

Ore crafting

If you have a pickaxe, you need to interact with the NPC near the quarry. Later ore mining signs will appear. For you to stand on a sign and recycle at the steel mill You need to start mining rocks or ores.

Metalworking on the beach

You have to rent a metal detector by interacting with the NPC on the beach. (Meta detector's batteries must be purchased from the 24/7 store.) You will then be able to search for metals. (The metal detector will make a characteristic sound when you approach the ore.)

Cable work

If you have wire cutters purchased from the 24/7 store, you need to interact with the NPC who will give you a cable removal task. Then you have to go to the state power stations. Once you get to one of these, you need to stand on the sign. and you have to cut a random wire. If you cut the right wire you will get 1 or 2 wires. If not, electricity It will crash and you will lose 5 units of health.

You also have the chance to pull out the "golden wire" which will give you 5 wires.


You need to interact with the NPC near the dive site. You must buy a diver suit for hire and in crafting You must swim in the marked area to look for the supplies you will need. Under water you can find glass, metal, rubber.


When interacting with the NPC, you can choose two types of hunting. First, the hunter buys a license and takes legal action. You can hunt with. And then they brought the animal carcasses to the butchers for their skins to get their money's worth. You will be able to get 1v1. If you hunt illegally without a license and take the carcasses and skins to the underground butchers, you will get money. In return you can get half

Hunting takes place by killing animals in marked areas (rabbit, deer, wild boar, jackal). Rabbits and deer will flee from you, and wild boars and coyotes will attack you.

Oil extraction

You need to come to the oil gathering place and interact with NPCs. You should then buy a work suit and oil You must approach the marked towers to take them out. You can mine up to 10 units of oil in each tower. After extracting the oil, you take the amount of material you need to the refinery and you change the oil produced for the material. These are: (rubber, plastic, paint.)

Join us! We wish everyone a pleasant game in Five Live Role Play.